Twelve Inspiring Instagram Video Ideas For Business Exposure

Instagram Reels allow users to showcase their creativity and gain more exposure for their company via the sharing of short movies on the social media platform. The average Instagram user spends hours every day on the platform, so expanding your content to include captivating videos is a great idea.

1. Make tutorial videos

Marketing your business on Instagram through the production of tutorials and how-to videos is a great use of Instagram Reels. The more you engage your audience with informative films about your business’s goods, the more likely they are to get interested in your brand and ultimately make a purchase from you. Creating how-to videos is a great way to attract new viewers and keep them interested. Customers who are trying to form a relationship with your company will appreciate the added reliability and confidence that custom-tailored content provides.

2. Produce some original production diaries

You need a fascinating hook to strengthen your Instagram Reels marketing approach and bring in more consumers. This is where “making-of” videos come in.

They provide depth to your brand and provide useful information. All of your brand’s idiosyncrasies and characteristics are on display for your intended audience.

3. Third, make advantage of user-created material

The term “user-generated content” (UGC) encompasses a wide range of material types, including multimedia such as short movies and images. Through the power of peer endorsement, it helps buyers find out about your products and sparks new passions for them.

4. Fourth, find new uses for previously published material

A social media game-changer is learning how to manipulate your material, especially if you enjoy experimenting with visuals.

In order to appeal to Instagram’s user base, though, you’ll need to make some adjustments to your older videos and add some fresh material before you share them.

5. Take cues from current fashions

Promoting your business using popular Instagram videos is a great way to get your name out there. There’s a chance your content may quickly spread online and attract a huge new audience.

Songs, effects, and filters may all have a significant impact on the direction of a trend. Hence, you should keep an eye on what’s trending in your brand’s area and produce content while the topic is still current.

6. Make a listicle

A listicle is a fun way to add variety to your marketing efforts, much like a bucket list is to your vacation.

When clients are delighted with humorous or amusing material, or when vital information is made easily digestible, it often takes the form of a listicle.

A listicle Reel may be made by stringing together images or brief descriptions of the goods and services your company offers. The anticipation of your next Reel post is maintained.

7. Seven, Share Your Backstory

Another way to keep your brand in the thoughts of your fans besides employing user-generated material is to share stories. Instagram Stories that are both visually engaging and consistently updated may help you stand out from the crowd even when the competition is stiff.

You should always aim to interest your readers. Thus, think beyond the box when it comes to communicating your brand’s narrative. Experiment with showing various goods while giving an engaging history or spotlighting consumers who have spoken out about how your company has helped them.

8. Get inspiration from reader responses and direct messages

You can anticipate likes and comments from your audience when you create captivating Instagram Reels.

To stimulate discussion among your followers, try being more forthright. Make use of calls to action in your Instagram Reels caption to elicit more engagement from your audience. Use the feedback from your viewers to inform your next Video post and maintain constant interaction with your audience.

9. Introduce your business and/or staff.

When promoting a company on social media, you need to do more than just recycle old postings. In order to highlight your brand’s workers and the responsibilities they play, you may utilise Instagram Reels marketing. That will encourage them to continue working hard and do a good job.

You may increase consumer engagement and understanding of your business by using Instagram Reels to demonstrate rather than explain your products and services.

Instagram Reels are a great tool for adding a human touch to your business and showcasing your company’s unique personality.

10. Present Your Products

There are a lot of other brands out there selling same or very identical things. If you’re using Instagram as a marketing tool for a restaurant, you may use Instagram Reels to advertise your product videos, showcase services, special discounts, and even dishes.

Instagram Reels are a light-hearted approach to highlighting the features that set your product apart and encouraging genuine interaction.

11. Make teaser videos

Audiences are left intrigued and on the edge of their seats when teaser trailers are shown.

Your business’s wares are fair game for the sneak preview video. Create these Instagram Reels with influencers for more visibility and interaction. If they included your product on Instagram stories or Reels, they would undoubtedly increase sales because to their massive following.

12. Make movies portraying “a typical day” life”

Clips of your everyday life that relate to your brand. You may provide your audience a glimpse behind the scenes of your brand’s regular operations.


You get to decide what kinds of media you wish to make. But how you put information to use is what counts in the long run. You can save time and effort using Instagram Reels marketing, but you still need to produce relevant material if you want to see results.

Spread brand awareness first by explaining what it is and why people should care. Provide rapid responses to queries your audience is likely to have. Make your company more approachable and establish rapport with your target audience. It helps people feel comfortable talking to you and gives rise to more meaningful interactions with your following.

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