When And How To Use Instagram Social Media Monitoring

Who or what is Instagram keeping tabs on?

Instagram monitoring is repeatedly browsing the social media platform for content useful to your company objectives. Articles that mention your company, a rival, a certain market, a group of people you work with, etc.

Most Instagram tracking apps base their queries on a combination of hashtags and keywords. For instance, if you set up monitoring alerts for specific phrases, Awario will collect all the relevant postings and evaluate them for advertising intelligence.

Keeping an eye on Instagram and why you should.

As I alluded to before, the volume of Instagram posts might cause confusion.

Instagram mention tracking might be useful if you want to do any of the following for your business:

  • Do what you can to avoid public relations disasters and manage your company’s image.
  • Monitor how well known your brand is
  • Keep tabs on your marketing with influential people.
  • Campaign analysis
  • Get audience analytics from user-generated content

in addition! The more pertinent postings you discover, the more information you have to dissect how people feel about your company, who your consumers are, and what kind of marketing chances you may pursue.

You can monitor your brand’s mentions to ensure that negative feedback isn’t being posted without your knowledge or intervention, but you can also learn about untapped markets, gain insights into your competitors’ Instagram strategies, identify potential new influencers, and generate high-quality leads.

Here’s the lowdown on using Awario to monitor your Instagram mentions:

Awario is a social media monitoring tool that keeps tabs on Instagram mentions of your chosen keywords everywhere they may appear online.

First, link your accounts.

You will need to link your Instagram account in order to begin monitoring it with Awario. This is necessary because of Instagram’s API, but it also lets you comment on Instagram posts without leaving the Awario dashboard. At the time of signup, the programme will request that you link your social media profiles to its database.

It’s important to pick good keywords since they’ll tell Awario to pull in the right Instagram photos for your data. Hashtags are used by Instagram’s API to locate posts, so you’ll need to include them in your search.

To make sure you find every topic that might be relevant to you, try adding misspellings or abbreviations.

After entering your keywords, you’ll be able to specify the languages you’re interested in and whether you want Instagram-specific results or a broader sweep of social media. Moreover, you may want to incorporate past information.

Awario monitors Instagram comments in real time, but it also allows you to search for and analyse older posts, going back up to 10 years.

When you’re ready to begin collecting Instagram posts, simply click the Save settings button and Awario will begin doing so.

It’s important to keep in mind that Instagram monitoring software can only access the publicly available data from Business and Creator accounts. This means you won’t be able to view updates made by people whose profiles are private or hidden from the public.

Moving on using the Information

Now that you have Instagram monitoring up and running, what do you do with the data?

Check out the newest entries first, please.

By default, the postings appear in reverse chronological order, but you may also arrange them according to how many people have viewed them. Examine the mentioned posts to identify those that require a reaction from your brand, as well as those that might serve as good material for reposting on your Stories.

The next step is to review the data collected from your Instagram mentions. You may learn about your target demographic’s demographics (gender, age, interests, how they talk about your brand, how they feel about your brand, etc.) and other marketing data by visiting the Dashboard or the Mention Statistics report.

While keeping an eye on Instagram might not seem like much at first, the payoff is considerably more than you might think. You have access to insightful analytics that can be used to guide strategic planning. Therefore, considering how simple it is, you have no excuse not to use Awario for Instagram monitoring.

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