Influencer-approved Instagram engagement strategies

Whether you’re like photography or videography, you’ll find a lot to enjoy on Instagram. But, it may be disheartening to spend hours photographing and editing a stunning photo and even more time crafting the ideal message, only to have your post buried with very little response on Instagram. The Instagram gods may be arbitrary and difficult to satisfy, but all is not lost! Get more eyes on your Instagram pictures and comments by using these simple tips for increasing interaction.

Learning how to interpret your Instagram engagement rate

Is there a specific definition of “engagement” on Instagram, and why does it matter? Getting a definitive response is trickier than you may think, as it depends on who you question. Let’s go deeply into Instagram engagement to help you figure out how to boost it.

What is the significance of Instagram engagement ?

To succeed on Instagram nowadays, you need as much interaction as possible with your followers. Just follow these steps to see how it all comes together: Around 10% of your followers will see your posts when you publish them on Instagram. Instagram will expose your post to more users if you get enough likes, comments, and shares to make it a “popular” post. In other words, the more interest there is, the wider its audience. So, the only option to increase the visibility of your posts is to either have high levels of engagement or to pay to promote them.

Observations on how to gauge Instagram popularity

Our Instagram engagement check will be the simplest of several possible methods. By employing this technique, you may find out how many people interacted with a certain Instagram post, whether it was yours or someone else’s.

Add up all of the likes and comments, and then split that figure by the number of people that follow you. In order to acquire a percentage, multiply that figure by 100.

Suggestions for boosting engagement on Instagram

Now that you understand the value of Instagram interaction, let’s look at some strategies for increasing it.

Identify the times of day when your audience is most active online and post at those times

As mentioned above, Instagram will initially only show your post to about 10 percent of your followers, or the percentage of your followers that are online at the time of your post. Your post’s reach after the first hour on Instagram is limited by the number of interactions it receives. The optimal time to publish to increase your chances of being seen is when your followers are also online. Instagram Insights may help you determine when it’s most effective to share content with your followers.

To access your profile, launch Instagram.
To access the menu, press the three vertical dots in the top right corner.
Insights, Open.
Make Use of Your Viewers.
Find out when your Instagram followers are most active by looking at the table in the Most Active Times section.

Make smart use of hashtags

To increase the exposure of your Instagram posts beyond the accounts that follow you, hashtags should be used. You need to select hashtags that are specific enough to your content yet broad enough to capture interest. Common hashtags like “love” and “beautiful” are not effective in attracting more Instagram users to your posts. To find out what people in your field are talking about, you should examine the hashtags they are using.

Unless your account is already rather large, using a widely known hashtag that has been used millions of times may not be productive. If you want to find popular hashtags, try searching for ones that have between 100,000 and 500,000 uses. Be sure to utilise the appropriate brand hashtags whenever you make a reference to a product or service. Include appropriate hashtags for the location(s) mentioned in your article. Keeping up with your favourite hashtags requires constant monitoring as their popularity rises and falls.

Keep your hashtags fresh and varied; don’t use the same ones over and again

If you want to use a certain hashtag frequently, you may save a list of it in the Notes app on your iPhone. While this will save you some time, it comes with a caveat: Instagram may view your posts as spam if you consistently use the same set of hashtags. You should switch up the hashtags you use with each Instagram post to avoid this problem. While some repetition is acceptable, studies have shown that using hashtags that are unique to each post performs far better.

Add a location tag to each post that makes sense to increase exposure

Do you know that many people who are planning a trip use Instagram to look for pictures shot in a certain area? This is the case! If you upload photos of landscapes, cities, or restaurants on Instagram, geotagging can help you get more likes and followers even if you don’t often share trip material.

Increase your reach by using Instagram carousels

You just can’t make up your mind which picture to upload today? Post many images at once using Instagram’s carousel function. While though this won’t instantly boost your Instagram interaction, it should help you get more views. It’s a win-win situation since the more people who view your postings, the more likely they are to interact with them. To encourage interaction with your carousel, it’s a good idea to include a brief description of the gallery’s progression in the caption and instruct viewers to swipe left and right.

Put up updates and queries on Stories

You’re losing out on a great opportunity to increase your Instagram following and interaction rates by not using Stories. While creating a high-quality Story might take a lot of time and effort, Instagram provides a variety of helpful features to make this process more manageable and enjoyable. While creating a Story, be sure to use the available stickers. Stickers may be used to create polls, quizzes, and other interactive content for your audience. As you start sharing this type of material, you’ll quickly discover how simple (and amazing) it is.

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