Strategies for Increasing Instagram Ad Popularity

You took the most breathtaking shot, had it professionally processed with your own special filter, and paid to have it widely distributed.

And nobody seems to be like your posts.

Maybe a few people liked your Instagram post out of pity, but that’s about it. Right about now is when you start to question your decision to use Instagram as a marketing tool.
Relax, you haven’t exhausted all of your options yet. Likes and potential followers in the millions are simply waiting to be introduced to your stunning Instagram advertising. After all, Instagram is a huge platform, and there is a lot of stuff fighting for people’s attention. You’re not only up against other businesses; you’re also up against your users’ cousins, brothers-in-law, and dorm-mates.

Fortunately, today I bring you a bag of tricks. If you want more likes on your Instagram advertising, try these strategies.

Put some thought into your #hashtags

Sure, I am aware of how important it is for your Instagram advertisements to use hashtags, but how many? Which hashtags do you think would help that advertisement the most?

You should think about these things before hashtagging everything somewhat related to your topic.

Hashtags on Instagram are quite helpful since they expose your posts to viewers who aren’t already following you; nonetheless, using the appropriate hashtags is essential for reaching your target audience.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle by using overused hashtags; instead, pick ones that are popular but not overwhelming. You may easily do hashtag research by putting a few terms into the Instagram search field and viewing the auto-generated hashtags.

Focus on the volume of posts using a hashtag to identify some good candidates; keep in mind that you’re not necessarily after the most popular ones.

Hold a Promotional Event in Collaboration with a Well-Known Organization

You have undoubtedly heard of running a contest or giveaway on social media before. People love free stuff, so contests are a great way to increase interaction with your posts. If you offer me a chance to win a month’s supply of free wine or a free tropical trip, I will gladly like, share, and even repost your material.

But if you just have a small number of followers, is it really worth your time to organise and manage an Instagram contest? This is where teaming up with a company that already has a large following will turbocharge your contest efforts and bring in real likes and followers for your Instagram advertising and account.

Schedule commercials to air at peak viewing times

Advertisements on Instagram may now be scheduled in advance, which is a fantastic new tool. Ad scheduling, accessible only with lifetime budgeting, is a powerful tool for reaching consumers at optimal viewing times.

Knowing your target market will help you identify this, but you can also use trial and error.

Keep your head up. If you own an online clothes store, when do most of your customers conduct their shopping? What days of the week do people most often visit your website or dealership in person if you sell automobiles? Therefore, you need to take into account the times when your target demographic is most active on Instagram. These are all excellent first questions to ask.

There are various methods to schedule advertising even if you’re not utilising a lifetime budget. Use free ad scheduling platforms like Hootsuite and Buffer, which also provide many other useful features for managing and expanding your social media following.

Frequently update your Instagram story

How can you expect Instagram stories to help people interact with your ads? During 24 hours, businesses may share a video or image using a function similar to Snapchat. You can’t expect Instagram Stories to have any bearing on your ad (unless your ad is a story!). The use of Instagram Stories has been shown to boost user interaction with brands on the platform.

It’s worth boosting the quantity of Instagram stories you share or even testing out an Instagram story ad to observe how your audience responds in comparison to other ad forms.

The Explore page, where people go to discover new content on Instagram, may now display your brand thanks to Instagram Stories. Based on who you follow and how often you interact with their posts, Instagram determines which profiles to showcase here. If you want to get your Instagram Stories published here, you need to make more of them.

Be Sure to Reach the Right People (But Not Too Targeted)

Advertising on Instagram may, as on Facebook, be tailored to a certain demographic. Location, age, demographics, hobbies, behaviours, connections, bespoke audiences, lookalikes, and many more may all be used as segmentation criteria.

Many marketers may overlook this possibility, which can lead to an audience that is too large and, consequently, to people who aren’t likely to be interested in your product or service being exposed to it. Some people may abuse their capacity to target a certain demographic by using too many layers of narrow criteria, ultimately leaving you with a very small pool of potential customers. The question then becomes, how do you achieve equilibrium?

In order to determine whether or not your intended target is too wide or particular, Facebook provides a helpful guide that can be referenced while setting up your Instagram advertising campaign within the Facebook ad platform (pictured below). The sweet spot for reaching the correct number of interested parties is just in the middle of the green zone.

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