An Ultimate Guide: How To Go Viral On TikTok?

We can all agree that TikTok was 2021’s most popular app. TikTok has been a huge success, with over three billion downloads, while similar apps before it never got past the “meh” stage. Obviously, the video-sharing app is like the French fries of social media for the younger generation. Its viral nature is a key factor in its widespread popularity. If your short video on TikTok hits the right notes with the right people, you could become an overnight social media sensation.

How do I become popular on TikTok? Our app has experienced organic growth, therefore there is no need to pay to get your content seen. You need to make videos that will make the TikTok algorithm like them. Only then can you hope to have your TikTok video go popular.

What should you do if you want your TikTok video to go viral?

On TikTok, anyone can potentially become famous. It takes into account not just the quantity of your followers but also the value of your posts. The TikTok Algorithm must be conquered.
TikTok’s algorithm, unlike most others, doesn’t merely consider the amount of people who have followed you. Instead, it takes into account contextual data such as your comments and the noises, hashtags, captions, and other data from your videos and activities on the network.

Your videos have the potential to go viral on TikTok if they feature discoverable hashtags, popular sounds, and high production values. TikTok then chooses a subset of its user base who would be interested in your videos and shows them to them.

How many TikTok views does it need to get viral?

To go viral, you don’t need to reach a certain amount of people. A video needs roughly a million views to get viral at all, and approximately 2.5 million to become a sensation. If you want to become famous on the video app, though, you need a string of viral films. If you just have one success among numerous failures, it won’t help you much.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “How does TikTok actually function?” trying to figure out what makes videos popular on the platform and why.

How to Become Viral on TikTok?

The real question is, how can you make your videos more popular on TikTok? What kinds of things should you include in them? What special effects should you use?

Here are 5 tried and true strategies that will make you an overnight sensation on the video-sharing social app:

Make sure your films are just the right length

A video that is too brief risks being forgettable. If it goes on for too long, the audience can get bored. TikTok users have found that videos between 21 and 34 seconds in length tend to do the best.

However, the TikTok algorithm takes video length into account when determining the quality of user-uploaded content, so keeping things to a minimum is recommended.

Create videos quickly that feature popular music

A recent survey by TikTok found that for 88% of users, the music was an integral part of their app experience.

If you want to get on a lot of FYPs, it helps to follow the latest musical trends. You are not obligated to move to the beat of the music.

Making videos based on popular tunes can be done in a variety of imaginative ways. In this approach, you won’t have to abandon your intended audience while taking advantage of the attention that current popular tunes receive.

Get up on the latest TikTok challenges

In order to gain popularity on TikTok, you should create a challenge.

Consider the Cat Dancing challenge as an illustration. Several people took part in this challenge; even Instagrammers joined in and posted films of their own.
In general, there are two distinct categories of challenges on TikTok:

Branded challenges are initiatives launched by companies in collaboration with content creators to further the former’s aims (usually, but not always, boosting brand awareness).
Community Challenges are challenges made by TikTok influencers in response to a popular new trend on the app. Community difficulties arise naturally and have nothing to do with any one company. Many creators, however, include product placement in their work.
By including the challenge hashtag, participation is simple and easy.

Make sure you’re using the right hashtags

Like any other social app, hashtags are fantastic for getting your message out there.

Your popularity on the platform rises when users look for a specific hashtag and find your video. The more people that see it, the more likely it is to get audience traction and spread like wildfire.

Although there is no hard limit on the number of hashtags you can use on TikTok, it is recommended that you keep them to a minimum. An expert recommendation in this regard is to use a trendy hashtag in conjunction with a hashtag indicating your niche.

And while there’s no cap on hashtags, you’re only allowed 300 characters total in your caption. You can use as many hashtags as you like within that limited character count.

Share your TikToks with others and work together

Collaborating with other producers in your specialty is another great way to increase your viewership on TikTok, and it’s just as much fun as taking part in challenges.

TikTok itself admits that influencer collabs on the platform generate massive success. Ads with creator ties, for instance, garnered 83% more engagement than those without such partnerships.

Final Reflections

The ability to become viral is now in the hands of everyone thanks to TikTok. It takes into consideration both the number of people that follow you and the quality and accessibility of your content. You’ll need to play nice with the TikTok algorithm if you want to make a splash on the social media platform.

You should use hashtags and a compelling CTA in your captions. Don’t forget to use the Duet and Stitch tools to collaborate with other TikTokers.

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